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RE: [Fedora-directory-users] LDAP Accounts for large website



For applications there are lots of ways to improve performance….with no information supplied there is no where to start…


Ie, look at your disk i/o…use iostat are the disks LDAP sits on at 100% utilisation? Even 80% is not good….if so make bigger raid sets and/or distribute the database over differing raid controllers and disk sets….get the utilisation down to 30%....


Is you memory full and you are into swapping? Make sure the issue is not disk i/o bottlenecks….if not add more ram…..make sure your swap is not exhausted….add more swap until you can get more ram…


Are your switches or routers too slow? Check their utilisation…..


CPU maxed out? Where is it going? On wait? Check disk i/o….consider dual Quad core machines…..or even 4 way quad core machines….Dell R900s are seriously grunty boxes, have 16 cores and hold 64gig of ram cheaply, then attach them to a SAN….




Steven Jones
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Subject: [Fedora-directory-users] LDAP Accounts for large website


I was wondering if anyone here has ever used LDAP for a website, that will potentially have millions of LDAP accounts.
If so, are you experiencing slow query responses or other issues?
If you were experiencing slow query responses, and were able to rectify the issue, how did you do this?
We are currently using FDS for our main website for customer accounts.  We currently have over 52,000 accounts in LDAP and have only been using this for 3 months.  We are now experiencing extreme slow down in query response when getting customer data into and out of the LDAP servers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Thank you,
- Jared B. Griffith
- Farheap Solutions, Inc.
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California IT Department
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