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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] LDAP Accounts for large website

I would check to see if the problem if it is on the LDAP or website. Ex. LDAP response may be good from the ldap host using ldapsearch. However the LDAP response by the ldap plugin/api from the webserver/appserver may not.

Some additional steps I would do...
* Run the ldap query using ldapsearch on the ldap host and then machine on same subnet and then from webserver/appserver machine. Both with and without website load. This will help me identify if the problem is on the network or LDAP server itself or load.

* Check on indexing, number of concurrent requests when server is fully loaded, FDs, swap space, TCP/IP settings etc. The load may be high enough that you need additional replicas or even masters. With additional masters you need to be watchful on how load balancing works when writing to different masters.


Jared B. Griffith wrote:
I was wondering if anyone here has ever used LDAP for a website, that will potentially have millions of LDAP accounts.
If so, are you experiencing slow query responses or other issues?
If you were experiencing slow query responses, and were able to rectify the issue, how did you do this? We are currently using FDS for our main website for customer accounts. We currently have over 52,000 accounts in LDAP and have only been using this for 3 months. We are now experiencing extreme slow down in query response when getting customer data into and out of the LDAP servers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Thank you,
- Jared B. Griffith
- Farheap Solutions, Inc.
- Lead Systems Administrator
- California IT Department
- Email - jared griffith farheap com
- Phone - 949.417.1500 ext. 266
- Cell Phone - 949.910.6542


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