[Fedora-directory-users] perl script for setting up replication without console

Ryan Braun Ryan.Braun at ec.gc.ca
Fri Dec 14 16:17:46 UTC 2007

Here is the script I've been working on for setting up replication without 
using the console.

It's basically an evolution the original mmr.pl,  with new functionality.

It has a config file you need to properly setup,  here is a quick rundown of 
the options.

SUPPLIERS = All supplier servers that you want to monitor,setup.  ; delimited 
and you can specify the default port with a : (not required though)
CONSUMERS = All consumer servers.
ROOT_DN = user to bind with for modifying objects in cn=config (generally 
cn=Directory Manager)
REP_DN = Replication Manager's dn (ie uid=RManager,cn=config)
REPMAN_PW = Replication Manager's password
PAM_SECRET = libpam-ldap's root bind dn password file (sucked in automatically 
to use as the ROOT_DN's password
NSS_SECRET =  same as above but will only get checked if PAM_SECRET doesn't 
REP_ID = replica ID value for MMR.  Set this to 1 when you first run and the 
script will manage it from then on.
TLS = Set to 1 to always enable TLS,  0 or null for not always turned on (you 
can pass the -z switch on startup to use TLS if it's set to 0 or null)


-z turn on TLS for all binds. (not for setting up of rep agreements though!)  
If ldapsearch -ZZZ's work for you,  this ***should*** aswell (not tested very 
much :) )
-p prompt for ROOT_DN password
-c /path/to/config.conf specify an alternate config file (for rep'ing other 
-d this will dump all the rep objects/agreements from each server to the 

Let me know how it works for you guys.

Ryan Braun
Informatics Operations
Aviation and Defence Services Division 
Chief Information Officer Branch, Environment Canada 
CIV: (204) 833-2500x2824 CSN: 257-2824  FAX: (204) 833-2524
E-Mail: Ryan.Braun at ec.gc.ca
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