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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Looking for document on setting up a slave LDAP server off a single master.

Steven Jones wrote:

Does anyone know of document(s) that have readable information on how to
make a slave off a single master?

Something with pictures of the gui interface (where appropriate) with
step by step instructions.....looking for something that is an
improvement over the rds manual....
Not afaik - the 8.0 documentation is a little better - http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/dir-server/ag/8.0/Configuring_Single_Master_Replication-Configuring_the_Read_Only_Replica_on_the_Consumer_Server.html
Things like section 2a "......and create an entry" don't help
much....the q is, what sort of "entry".....what does it look
like....(and this is just the first page)....
. . . so since there is not better documentation, afaik, your best bet will be to ask questions here. 1) You can create a New->User or a New->Other... and select person from the list of objectclasses. The latter is simpler because the former will force you to use a DN of uid=rmanager or something like that unless you do the magic to change the RDN.

Steven Jones
Senior  Linux/Unix/San/Vmware System Administrator
APG -Technology Integration Team
Victoria University of Wellington

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