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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] nsslapd-idletimeout does not seem to work

Hello Anthony. The connection table is walked and idle are connections dropped when poll or select return non-0; you need to have a new incoming connection or activity on one of the established connections for the idle ones to get dropped.
Not sure where a searchable archive of this list is located...


Anthony Mizon wrote:

Im hoping this question has not been asked before but I cant find the
mailing list archives to confirm .. do they exist?

Anyway .. I am trying to close down idle client connections that have
been idle for 30 minutes a quick check of the directory server admin
guide and the code confirms that a setting for nsslapd-idletimeout: 1800
should do the trick under cn=config.  Not so it seems!

I am expecting to see the socket closed down after 30 minutes of
inactivity .. I can confirm that this is not taking place with a simple
tcp dump running on the directory server machine.

Have I misunderstood what this option does?

Many thanks



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