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[Fedora-directory-users] Windows 2003 synchronization considering OU

Hi everybody, I have the following Scenario:
I have to synchronize users in Active Directory with my Fedora Directory considering an organizational tree representing our departments.
For example:
Active Directory Tree to synchronize:
    (users from IT department)
    (users from Development department)
    (users from Security department)

Then when I create the Windows Sync Agreement to synchronize ou=Users in ADS with a tree of FDS, lets say ou=Active Directory, with the given configuration:
* DS Host: fds.example.com:389
* Windows Host: ads.example.com:636
* DS Subtree: ou=Active Directory,dc=example,dc=com
* Windows Subtree: ou=Users,dc=example-ads,dc=com
* Replicated Subtree: ou=Active Directory,dc=example,dc=com

The problem I have is that the synchronization process only works when I manually create the Organizational Units manually, but it doesn't seems to be created automatically by the replication process.

The question is: Can FDS deal with OU replication with Active Directory?

Thanks in advance

Lic. Christian A. Rodriguez

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