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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Admin console's default view is empty

Oscar A. Valdez wrote:

El jue, 25-01-2007 a las 09:45 -0600, Oscar A. Valdez escribió:
I'm running fedora-ds-1.0.4 on FC5. The server starts normally
with /opt/fedora-ds/slapd-pendragon/start-slapd, and serves ldap queries

However, when I start-admin or restart-admin, and then startconsole
(with the J2RE properly in my $PATH), I can log into the console, but
it's "Servers and Applications" tab is empty. The admin-serv logs don't
record anything out of the ordinary.

I'll appreciate help in getting my console back to work.

How can I get the console to bind properly to the DS? Is there some way
to reconfigure it?
Was it working before? Could you tell us what's been changed since then? Two things I'd like you to try.... When you log into the console, what user do you use? E.g. "admin" or "cn=Directory Manager"? If you use "admin", could you try the Directory Manager? (or vice versa) Does it change the symptom? If you startconsole with "-D 9", it dumps console logs. Do you see any interesting messages in it?


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