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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Admin console's default view is empty

Oscar A. Valdez wrote:

El vie, 02-02-2007 a las 12:36 -0800, Noriko Hosoi escribió:
Thanks for the output. It looks the Admin Server is thinking the rdn is "ou=duraflex.com.sv" and the Directory Server "ou=duraflex". It may work if you change one side to match the other, but it could cause some other mismatches. The safest way to recover should be dump your contents into an LDIF file (you may need to store schema files somewhere in the safe place if you added or modified.) Install a fresh FDS and import the LDIF file onto the FDS...

I'm willing to try changing the Admin Server over to "ou=duraflex". How
can I do that?

I suspect this may have happened when I imported a backed up database
from a crashed DS into the new server. The backup might have contained a
different RDN than the fresh install.

How can I make sure, and if so, how should I fix it?
That'd explain the current status... "A backed up database" is made by db2bak or db2ldif? If it is from db2bak, it contains the entire database including the config data (o=netscaperoot tree). The data is not supposed to restore onto the other DS instance (unless everything is identical). Again, the safest way is to run db2ldif against the backend which contains your entries (e.g., userRoot) to create an LDIF file. Install a new server, then import the LDIF file by ldif2db.

The backup was created and restored with db2bak. Would this imply that
the backup contained the Admin Server's ou=duraflex.com.sv" and that it
was imported into a Directory Server with "ou=duraflex"?
That's most likely what happened to your server...

Again, as I said, I'm willing to try changing the Admin Server over to
"ou=duraflex". I'll appreciate your pointers on how to do it.
Well, I'd try the following, but since we haven't tested it, we don't know how it ends up...
1. shutdown the admin server and console
2. go to your <server_root>/admin-serv/config
3. replace "ou=duraflex.com.sv" with "ou=duraflex" in all the files in the directory
4. restart the admin server, then console
5. login on the console

Hope it goes fine...

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