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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Admin console's default view is empty

El vie, 02-02-2007 a las 13:27 -0800, Noriko Hosoi escribió:
> Oscar A. Valdez wrote:
> >The backup was created and restored with db2bak. Would this imply that
> >the backup contained the Admin Server's ou=duraflex.com.sv" and that it
> >was imported into a Directory Server with "ou=duraflex"?
> >  
> >
> That's most likely what happened to your server...
> >Again, as I said, I'm willing to try changing the Admin Server over to
> >"ou=duraflex". I'll appreciate your pointers on how to do it.
> >  
> >
> Well, I'd try the following, but since we haven't tested it, we don't 
> know how it ends up...
> 1. shutdown the admin server and console
> 2. go to your <server_root>/admin-serv/config
> 3. replace "ou=duraflex.com.sv" with "ou=duraflex" in all the files in 
> the directory
> 4. restart the admin server, then console
> 5. login on the console
> Hope it goes fine...

I think it went in the  right direction. After logging in, I got two
ou's in the console's default view: "duraflex.com.sv" and "duraflex". I
deleted the first one. The second one can be expanded to show the server
"pendragon", which in turn can be expanded to show an "Administration
Server" and a "Directory Server". However, when I click the first, it
tries but fails to download and install server component admserv10.jar,
and when I click the second, it tries but fails to install server
component ds10.jar.

In addition, the admin-serv error log has lines like this:

[crit] populate_tasks_from_server(): Unable to search
[cn=admin-serv-pendragon, cn=Fedora Administration Server, cn=Server
Group, cn=pendragon.duraflex.com.sv, ou=duraflex, o=NetscapeRoot] for
LDAPConnection [pendragon.duraflex.com.sv:389]

Oscar A. Valdez

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