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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] How to ensure case sensitive authorisation?

Ankur Agarwal wrote:
In our LDAP I have a userID = "aagarwal" existing. My application authenticates successfully when i provide username as "aagarwal" or even as "*A*agarwal". Is there a way to ensure case-sensitive authentcation? In documentation i see some plugins :

Case Exact String Syntax Plug-in and
Case Ignore String Syntax Plug-in
Any idea if these are to be used to enforce case sensitive authentication? If yes then how to configure these?
I would strongly discourage you from using the plugins to do this. The problem is that the attribute "uid" is not case sensitive. You could hack the server to make this case sensitive, but the better option is to use another attribute. Either find one or create your own e.g. uidcs or something like that. If you just really, really, really must have the LDAP standard "uid" attribute be case sensitive, and I have not been able to discourage you enough from doing this, then you can hack the schema file 00core.ldif and change the syntax to use the case sensitive string syntax.
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