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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Admin console's default view is empty

El lun, 05-02-2007 a las 10:33 -0800, Noriko Hosoi escribió:
> Hmm, that does not sound right...  How about resuming the 
> admin-serv/config files and changing the Directory Server side?
> 1. shutdown the admin server and console
> 2. go to your <server_root>/admin-serv/config
> 3. replace back to "ou=duraflex.com.sv" in all the files in the directory
> 4. go to your config directory server instance dir: <server_root>/slapd-<id>
> 5. export DIT under o=netscaperoot: 
>    $ db2ldif -n NetscapeRoot
>    ldiffile: <server_root>/slapd-<id>/ldif/<date_time>.ldif
>    [...] - export NetscapeRoot: Processed 103 entries (100%).
> 6. edit the <date_time>.ldif file: replace "ou=duraflex" with "ou=duraflex.com.sv"
>    The word may be split across two lines.  Please be careful if you substitute the word automatically.
> 7. stop the directory server: stop-slapd
> 8. import the <date_time>.ldif file: ldif2db -n NetscapeRoot -i <server_root>/slapd-<id>/ldif/<date_time>.ldif 
> 9. restart the directory server: start-slapd
> 10. restart the admin server, then console
> 11. login on the console
> If this does not work, you'd better re-install the server and import your data to the new server.
> 1. on the current directory server, export the data into ldif files.
>    go to your <server_root>/slapd-<id>; run "db2ldif -n <backend>" for each backend (e.g., userRoot) EXCEPT NetscapeRoot
> 2. install new FDS
> 3. go to the <new_server_root>/slapd-<id>
> 4. stop the directory server
> 5. import the ldif files from the current directory server
>    repeat "ldif2db -n <backend> -i <server_root>/slapd-<id>/<date_time>.ldif" for each <date_time>.ldif file exported in (1).
> 6. start the directory server

Rather than experimenting, I went ahead with Plan "B": I backed up the
userRoot instance to ldif, uninstalled the old directory server,
reinstalled it (on the same machine), stopped it, imported the ldif
backup, and restarted the server.

It all took less than 30 minutes, and worked perfectly.

I am very grateful for your guidance on this issue.
Oscar A. Valdez

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