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[Fedora-directory-users] Announce: Net-LDAPapi version 2.00 released

A new release of Net::LDAPapi module is now available for Perl via CPAN. This release includes compilation against OpenLDAP libraries from version 2.1 forward. It now supports LDAPv3, including SASL binds.

Support for the Netscape (now Mozilla) C SDK has been kept, but not tested. I welcome feedback on the usability with the Mozilla C SDK.

Many thanks to Howard Chu and Symas Corporation for the work done to realize LDAPv3 support with Net::LDAPapi.

Net::LDAPapi can be obtained from:


For those who have never used Net::LDAPapi, it uses the C interface for its LDAP operations. This means that it is much faster than the pure perl Net::LDAP module from the perl-ldap package. However, it also relies on having the C libraries it was linked against available.


Quanah Gibson-Mount
Principal Software Developer
ITS/Shared Application Services
Stanford University
GnuPG Public Key: http://www.stanford.edu/~quanah/pgp.html

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