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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Stress tool to FDS

Renato Ribeiro da Silva wrote:
Is there any stress tool to FDS? I need to simulate a large number of binds and searches in Directory.

Thanks in advance,

Fedora-directory-users mailing list
Fedora-directory-users redhat com
Please take a look at /opt/fedora-ds/shared/bin/{rsearch, ldclt} if they meet your requirements.
Usage: rsearch -D binddn -w bindpw -s suffix -f filter [options]
-\?       -- print Usage (this message)
-H        -- print Usage (this message)
-h host   -- ldap server host  (default: localhost)
-p port   -- ldap server port  (default: 389)
-S scope  -- search SCOPE [0,1,or 2]  (default: 2)
-b        -- bind before every operation
-u        -- don't unbind -- just close the connection
-L        -- set linger -- connection discarded when closed
-N        -- No operation -- just bind (ignore mdc)
-v        -- verbose
-y        -- nodelay
-q        -- quiet
-l        -- logging
-m        -- operaton: modify non-indexed attr (description). -B required
-M        -- operaton: modify indexed attr (telephonenumber). -B required
-d        -- operaton: delete. -B required
-c        -- operaton: compare. -B required
-i file   -- name file; used for the search filter
-B file   -- [DN and] UID file (use '-B \?' to see the format)
-A attrs  -- list of attributes for search request
-a file   -- list of attributes for search request in a file
-- (use '-a \?' to see the format ; -a & -A are mutually exclusive)
-n number -- (reserved for future use)
-j number -- sample interval, in seconds  (default: 10)
-t number -- threads  (default: 1)
-T number -- Time limit, in seconds; cmd stops when exceeds <number>
-V        -- show running average
-C num    -- take num samples, then stop
-R num    -- drop connection & reconnect every num searches
-x        -- Use -B file for binding; ignored if -B is not given
usage: ldclt [-qQvV] [-E <max errors>]
            [-b <base DN>] [-h <host>] [-p <port>] [-t <timeout>]
            [-D <bind DN>] [-w <passwd>]
            [-e <execParams>] [-a <max pending>]
            [-n <nb threads>] [-i <nb times>] [-N <nb samples>]
            [-I <err number>] [-T <total>]
            [-r <low> -R <high>]
            [-f <filter>] [-s <scope>]
            [-S <slave>] [-P<master port>]
            [-W <waitsec>] [-Z <certfile>]

       This tool is a ldap client targetted to validate the reliability of
       the product under test under hard use.

       The valid options are:
        -a  Asynchronous mode, with max pending operations.
        -b  Give the base DN to use. Default "o=sun,c=us".
        -D  Bind DN. See -w
        -E  Max errors allowed.                   Default 1000.
        -e  Execution parameters:
               add         : ldap_add() entries.
               append      : append entries to the genldif file.
               ascii       : ascii 7-bits strings.
attreplace=name:mask : replace attribute of existing entry. attrlist=name:name:name : specify list of attribs to retrieve attrsonly=0|1 : ldap_search() parameter. Set 0 to read values.
               bindeach    : ldap_bind() for each operation.
bindonly : only bind/unbind, no other operation is performed. close : will close() the fd, rather than ldap_unbind().
               cltcertname=name : name of the SSL client certificate
               commoncounter    : all threads share the same counter.
               counteach   : count each operation not only successful ones.
               delete                : ldap_delete() entries.
               dontsleeponserverdown : will loop very fast if server down.
emailPerson : objectclass=emailPerson (-e add only).
               esearch               : exact search.
               genldif=filename      : generates a ldif file
               imagesdir=path        : specify where are the images.
               incr                  : incremental values.
inetOrgPerson : objectclass=inetOrgPerson (-e add only).
               keydbfile=file        : filename of the key database
keydbpin=password : password for accessing the key database noglobalstats : don't print periodical global statistics noloop : does not loop the incremental numbers.
               object=filename       : build object from input file
               person                : objectclass=person (-e add only).
               random                : random filters, etc...
randomattrlist=name:name:name : random select attrib in the list
               randombase             : random base DN.
               randombaselow=value    : low value for random generator.
               randombasehigh=value   : high value for random generator.
               randombinddn           : random bind DN.
randombinddnfromfile=fine : retrieve bind DN & passwd from file
               randombinddnlow=value  : low value for random generator.
               randombinddnhigh=value : high value for random generator.
               rdn=attrname:value     : alternate for -f.
               referral=on|off|rebind : change referral behaviour.
               scalab01               : activates scalab01 scenario.
               scalab01_cnxduration   : maximum connection duration.
               scalab01_maxcnxnb      : modem pool size.
scalab01_wait : sleep() between 2 attempts to connect. smoothshutdown : main thread waits till the worker threads exit. string : create random strings rather than random numbers.
               v2          : ldap v2.
               withnewparent : rename with newparent specified as argument.
        -f  Filter for searches.
        -h  Host to connect.                      Default "localhost".
        -i  Number of times inactivity allowed.   Default 3 (30 seconds)
        -I  Ignore errors (cf. -E).               Default none.
        -n  Number of threads.                    Default 10.
        -N  Number of samples (10 seconds each).  Default infinite.
        -p  Server port.                          Default 389.
        -P  Master port (to check replication).   Default 16000.
        -q  Quiet mode. See option -I.
        -Q  Super quiet mode.
        -r  Range's low value.
        -R  Range's high value.
        -s  Scope. May be base, subtree or one.   Default subtree.
        -S  Slave to check.
        -t  LDAP operations timeout. Default 30 seconds.
        -T  Total number of operations per thread.        Default infinite.
        -v  Verbose.
        -V  Very verbose.
        -w  Bind passwd. See -D.
        -W  Wait between two operations.          Default 0 seconds.
        -Z  certfile. Turn on SSL and use certfile as the certificate DB

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