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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Stress tool to FDS

You can use JMETER for load testing as well. I have never tried slam D but I will tell you what i think its biggest benefit is
Another is the LDAPDecoder, which can operate as either a simple LDAP proxy or analyze tcpdump and snoop capture files to decode LDAP communication in human-readable form or even automatically generate SLAMD scripts based on the captured data so that the same communication can be automatically replayed or customized to simulate real-world directory-enabled applications
Let me tell you if you have every tried to go through ldap logs and pick out queries and try to design a stress test of your application you quickly determine you need an intern. Its a slow process.
I like the idea of recording real ldap traffic and then just playing it  back.
On 2/16/07, Tom Throckmorton <throck duke edu> wrote:
On 02/16/2007 07:46 AM, Renato Ribeiro da Silva wrote:
> Thank you,
> Is's a good tool. I found another one too called Apache JMeter.


If you're comfortable with the complexity of JMeter, you might also have
a look at slamd (http://slamd.com), which already includes unit tests
for LDAP.  In fact, it was originally designed for LDAP stress-testing,
so it might do a more thorough job than JMeter.

The big advantage slamd has over ldclt/rsearch (which are quite handy,
and shouldn't be overlooked), is that it can be used for distributed
load testing.



Tom Throckmorton
Duke University

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