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[Fedora-directory-users] How to make application connect to multi-master set-up?

We have a weblogic app server based application which talks to RedHat LDAP through weblogic's security provider APIs.
On Production env we have set-up master-master LDAP servers i.e. there are two master LDAP servers. How should i make my application connect to these 2 servers?
Should there be a front-end load balancer to which my application will make request and then load balancer will handle requests to one of the LDAP servers?
Also note that we have weblogic cluster in Prod with 2 instances. So should i make each instance point to one LDAP server? But in that case how will automatic failover work if one of the LDAP servers go down?
Would be great if people can suggest any standard solution to deal with such situations. 

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