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Richard Megginson rmeggins at redhat.com
Tue Feb 20 21:28:04 UTC 2007

Brandon Young wrote:
> Hi All.  I have been struggling with creating a Windows Sync agreement
> that works the way I think it's supposed to.  Maybe someone can
> educate me as to what I'm doing wrong.  Documentation on this subject
> is sparse and incomplete.  If I can get this problem solved, I would
> be happy to contribute the detailed document on how I did it back to
> this list.  Sort of a "Complete Idiots Guide to Windows Sync
> Agreements" or something.
> First, the way I *think* it's supposed to work ...
> 1. If I create an account or group in AD, it replicates to FDS
> 2. If I create an account or group in FDS it replicates to AD
> 3. If I change a user's password in one directory, it updates in the 
> other
>> From the Redhat documentation: "The Windows Sync feature allows
> synchronization of adds, deletes and changes in groups, user entries,
> and their passwords between Red Hat Directory Server and both
> Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server."
> Seems vague enough.  I am left with a big question, though: is it
> possible to replicate UNIX uid/gid information to Active Directory?
No.  Adding support for POSIX attributes is on our to-do list.
> Somewhere along the path I got it in my head that I needed to install
> Windows Services for UNIX in order to share UNIX uid/gid/shell/homedir
> information between the two directories.  Further, I came to believe
> that the sync agreement code in the Directory Server magically handles
> the translations between schemas ... that is to say, in AD the UNIX
> uid is stored as MSSFU30uid (or something close to that), while it's
> simply uid in FDS; and the sync code does that translation.
> Is all that wishful thinking on my part?  It does not appear to work
> this way.  I have SFU installed in AD.  Any UNIX data I put into AD
> does not replicate down to my FDS.  Is there a way to do what I'm
> talking about?
> Secondly, it has never been clear to me how changes on the FDS side
> replicate back up to AD.  Do I need to set the replication up as
> Multimaster/Single Master/??
No, FDS doesn't use the MMR protocol to communicate with AD.
> I'd appreciate any help someone may be able to give -- even if it's
> just educating me about some misconception I seem to have.
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