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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] FDS <-> AD

Brandon Young wrote:
Hi All.  I have been struggling with creating a Windows Sync agreement
that works the way I think it's supposed to.  Maybe someone can
educate me as to what I'm doing wrong.  Documentation on this subject
is sparse and incomplete.  If I can get this problem solved, I would
be happy to contribute the detailed document on how I did it back to
this list.  Sort of a "Complete Idiots Guide to Windows Sync
Agreements" or something.

First, the way I *think* it's supposed to work ...
1. If I create an account or group in AD, it replicates to FDS
2. If I create an account or group in FDS it replicates to AD
3. If I change a user's password in one directory, it updates in the other

From the Redhat documentation: "The Windows Sync feature allows
synchronization of adds, deletes and changes in groups, user entries,
and their passwords between Red Hat Directory Server and both
Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server."
Seems vague enough.  I am left with a big question, though: is it
possible to replicate UNIX uid/gid information to Active Directory?
No.  Adding support for POSIX attributes is on our to-do list.
Somewhere along the path I got it in my head that I needed to install
Windows Services for UNIX in order to share UNIX uid/gid/shell/homedir
information between the two directories.  Further, I came to believe
that the sync agreement code in the Directory Server magically handles
the translations between schemas ... that is to say, in AD the UNIX
uid is stored as MSSFU30uid (or something close to that), while it's
simply uid in FDS; and the sync code does that translation.

Is all that wishful thinking on my part?  It does not appear to work
this way.  I have SFU installed in AD.  Any UNIX data I put into AD
does not replicate down to my FDS.  Is there a way to do what I'm
talking about?

Secondly, it has never been clear to me how changes on the FDS side
replicate back up to AD.  Do I need to set the replication up as
Multimaster/Single Master/??
No, FDS doesn't use the MMR protocol to communicate with AD.

I'd appreciate any help someone may be able to give -- even if it's
just educating me about some misconception I seem to have.

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