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[Fedora-directory-users] Admin server installation failed, which logfile should I check?

Installing a new DS into an existing FDS configuration container. Existing
container is fds1.hq.powerset.com, I'm installing a new server as
fds1.sv.powerset.com and writing the configuration info to

Here's my setup log:
[slapd-fds1]: [22/Feb/2007:19:38:46 +0000] - slapd started.  Listening on
All In
terfaces port 389 for LDAP requests
Your new directory server has been started.
Created new Directory Server
Start Slapd Starting Slapd server configuration.
Success Slapd Added Directory Server information to Configuration Server.
Configuring Administration Server...
Setting up Administration Server Instance...
ERROR: Administration Server configuration failed.
You can now use the console.  Here is the command to use to start the
cd /opt/fedora-ds
./startconsole -u admin -a http://fds1.sv.powerset.com:22628/
INFO Finished with setup, logfile is setup/setup.log

The configuration information was successfully written to fds1.hq, but the
admin server on fds1.sv was not setup correctly. I tried looking around for
any relevant logfiles, but couldn't find any. Any suggestions on where to
look? Thanks.


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