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[Fedora-directory-users] Unidirectional Windows Sync possible

Hi All,

Probably been asked before but i didn't quite find the answer i was looking for by searching.
Is it possible to configure a Unidirectional Windows Sync agreement?


Large Enterprise with fully deployed Windows AD

We would like to develop an application that runs off of Fedora DS, and allows the users to login using their normal AD credentials.
We'll be storing alot of application specific data about each user, (preferences, settings, etc) in FedoraDS and are prohibited from writing anything back to AD.
Which pretty much rules out modifying the AD schema, or writing changes back to AD (corporate mandate, don't ask). 

So basically what i'm asking is whether its possible to configure Windows Sync such that Users (and passwords) can be sync'd over from AD to FDS but not the other way around.
This way all user management (creation, password changes, etc) always happens in AD and we only sync over the authentication credentials, leaving the other stuff to FDS.

Make sense?  Thoughts?

Thanks in advance

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