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[389-users] Finger slow and optimizing performance


I was spending some time today trying to make sure that I was getting the most bang for my buck today an my replica's and I notices two items of interest that I was wondering if anyone else had input on!

Firstly, after creating a number of indexs, my performance seems to be really good, the exception that I noticed was "finger" I noticed that finger takes a couple of seconds to return the data on RHDS whereas on OpenLDAP, it pops right now in real time! My first though was that I was doing an un-indexed search, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I might not be indexing that I should be!

The second thing I noticed was that on my servers, which are RHEL5, running 32bit OS's with the PAE Kernels, RHDS doesn't ever actually address more then 3 gig of ram! I was looking through the documentations, and it looks like by raising the "Maximum Cache Size" I'll be able to allow RHDS to use more of the available memory.. did I get that right?

Anyway, as always thanks in advance for all the help! This list has been a tremendous resource for an application that keeps on showing it's value in huge ways!



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