[389-users] added schema not showing up in admin console

Mitja Mihelic( mitja.mihelic at arnes.si
Tue Nov 3 14:20:57 UTC 2009

Hi Mike!

Did you run the schema-reload.pl script ?
It is described at the following page, near the bottom:


Mike Clayton wrote:
> I am trying to configure bind to talk directly to 389-ds, i have
> converted the dnszone.schema file that ships with bind-sdb to ldif
> using:
> perl ol-schema-migrate.pl  -b /etc/openldap/schema/dnszone.schema
>> /etc/dirsrv/slapd-dc0/schema/61bind-dns.ldif
> and restarted the dirsrv service. but i can't seem to find an object
> class or anything for dnsZone. i looked in the logs and did not see any
> mention of dnsZone. Have i missed something or am i just not looking in
> the right places
> Mike
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