[389-users] DSGW error with Macintosh Safari

Glenn glenn at mail.txwes.edu
Thu Nov 5 15:16:03 UTC 2009

We are using Fedora Directory 1.0.4 with Red Hat EL4.  We use the Directory 
Gateway, and it works fine with Windows-based browers including Internet 
Explorer and Firefox.  However, when we try to use Safari on a Macintosh 
computer, we get an error headed by the ominous "Problem".  The error message 
is, "The charset is not supported (ISO_8859-1)".  This appears whenever we 
try to authenticate or search the directory.

The Googling I've done so far indicates that Safari might not be sending form 
data to the directory server whenever data is entered into a form, such as 
authentication credentials or search terms.  We do not have a java expert in-
house, so I'm hoping there is some simple tweak I can do to fix this.  The 
Mac used for testing is a MacMini 1.1 running Mac OSX 10.4.11 and Safari 3.2.1
(4525.27.1).  Thanks.   -G.

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