[389-users] Unindexed ?

Nathan Kinder nkinder at redhat.com
Wed Nov 18 17:27:19 UTC 2009

On 11/18/2009 06:31 AM, Emmanuel BILLOT wrote:
> Hi,
> I used the logconv.pl utility to check our config, and it found a lot 
> of unindexed search.
> In the access log file i found lines ::
> [18/Nov/2009:15:27:28 +0100] conn=1565 op=10246 RESULT err=0 tag=101 
> nentries=132 etime=1 notes=U
> [18/Nov/2009:15:27:28 +0100] conn=1565 op=10247 SRCH 
> base="dc=ouaga,dc=ird,dc=fr" scope=2 filter="(&(objectClass=*))" 
> attrs="* aci"
> Does the "notes=U" means it is an unindex search ? I must index a 
> attribut but which one ?
Yes, "notes=U" means the search was unindexed.  You need to provide the 
"SRCH" line from your access log for "conn=1565 op=10246" so we can see 
what attributes need to be indexed.
> BR,

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