[389-users] identifying new entries

Rich Megginson rmeggins at redhat.com
Mon Nov 30 15:11:08 UTC 2009

Derek Alexander wrote:
> Hi,
> Does Fedora Directory have an equivalent of Active Directory's 'whenCreated' attribute?
> If not, do you know of any standard schema that contain such an attribute?
Yes.  createTimestamp and creatorsName tell you when the entry was 
created and by whom.  There are also modifyTimestamp and modifiersName.  
Note that these are operational attributes, so you have to ask for them 
explicitly on the ldapsearch command line or in an LDAP search request - 
they are not returned by default with the other regular attributes.
> Reason for asking is that I need to identify new entries to the directory.
> I'd considered using the LDAP persistent search extension to receive notification
> of new entries but that requires a connection to the directory which is hard to
> guarantee always.
> I could of course use some other arbitrary attribute to recognise new entries but an
> equivalent of 'whenCreated' seems like the cleanest solution.
If you're just looking for new entries, createTimestamp will probably 
work.  If you need more than that, such as is provided by the Active 
Directory DirSync control, you might want to investigate the Retro 
Changelog feature.
> Thanks,
> Derek
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