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On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 14:57, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> The following is a core dump, because I have to get to a HOA meeting and
> want to strike while the iron is hot. (Why yes, that *does* mean I have
> a thick head, thanks for noticing.)

[snipped] - the original can be found at: 
Okay, that was great to work with.  Sparked a lot of ideas for me.  I
liked the format/flow, thinking of this as a lifecycle.  I submit the
following as a next step.

Please, Please read this thoroughly.

It's just a bunch of ideas put together coherently by me, because that's
what I do.  

It needs the deep thought of everyone who is serious about this
project's success.

This document presumes the existence of the process it describes, just
as a stylistic decision; many pieces of the process will need to be
created.  I tried to identify all the roles needed and parts of the
process that are unwritten or otherwise don't exist.  

As the intro to the process itself states, the idea is to get a process
we want to start with, then we divide up the parts to work on, such as
writing additional chapters for the Doc Guide, defining how an editorial
team works together, etc.  We enact each part as it moves into a usable
beta stage, trying to get the process working as early as possible for
real world testing.

How does that sound?

- Karsten
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