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Karsten Wade kwade at
Thu Aug 12 23:07:36 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 22:07, Colin Charles wrote:
> Since no one else started it, the tracker now is:
> I've added various docs that should be on the site, so to speak.
> Comments, etc.. welcome (on the bug)

Saw Tammy this afternoon, she cleared through a few bugs (if you filed
them, you saw the resolution, changes coming to the website) and moved
some stuff along.  We discussed the doc tracking process, and she
expanded the doc tracker bugs, so there is now:

1. Docs ideas without owners - a
general bucket for ideas for new documents or conversions that come
_first_ through the list

2. Docs in progress - for tracking
documents actively being written/developed/edited

3. Docs ready for going to - when it is done with 129807, it comes here while it
undergoes final editing to go to the website.

This means the process of idea -> publication is: 

1. File a bug report for your document, or carry the on the one with the
idea in it.

2. Move the bug through the tracker in this order

idea 	-> 	develop 	<-> 	publish
129784		129807			129722

Note: there is a double-arrow between develop <-> publish because a
document should stay alive after it is published.  Once you have
published a version and have moved to writing for the next version of
Fedora Core, your document's bug moves back to 129807.

I'll add this into the process document, which Dave converted to XML and
I am editing for reposting back here for more comments.

cheers - Karsten
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