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Stuart Ellis s.ellis at
Wed Aug 25 23:04:51 UTC 2004

Full Name: Stuart Ellis
Country, City: UK, Newtown (Powys)
Profession: Network Administrator
Company: Coleg Powys
Goals In Fedora Project: Author documents to help fill the gaps in
available resources.  Particularly interested in networking and systems
Historical Qualifications:  Professional admin for about 6 yrs.  Started
experimenting with Linux at about the same time, since OS/2 didn't look
like it had much life left in it.  Have been maintaining Linux servers
for my current employer for about 3 yrs (usual suspects - Apache, BIND,
MySQL etc.).  Now provide support on LinuxQuestions forums, mostly on
Samba and Red Hat issues.  Recently, revised a couple of chapters of the
GNOME User Guide for 2.8 - my first go with DocBook.  Broad base of
understanding, but not an expert in any area.

After hanging around LinuxQuestions for a bit, I found that there are a
number of problem areas that keep coming up.  This may be because there
aren't documents which are up to date and specific enough to guide
someone through particular tasks.  Other issues are that new users
aren't aware of the various resources that are available, and that many
docs assume a fairly high level of subject knowledge on the part of the
reader, more than the average Windows-using enthusiast or technician
actually has.  So I'm interested in contributing to sets of docs which
can be specific, kept up to date and well-advertised so that they can
help users who don't yet have the Linux experience to hunt out and
interpret the diverse sources around the 'net.
Stuart Ellis
s.ellis at

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