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Paul W. Frields paul at
Sat Jul 3 16:54:31 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-07-03 at 10:17, Dave Pawson wrote:
> > > Any particular reason?
> >
> >because this is a general lack of documentation and
> >not fedora specific.
> And the fact that I chose to write for Fedora?
> Not some other org?
> You are ignoring my original question, so I'll
> reply in kind to your further comments.

Dave's original question was that he was looking for help putting some
docs together, which is not the same as declaring he wanted to make this
work part of the official FDP roster. He said as much in his post, and
merely asked for "comments," although I assumed (perhaps incorrectly)
"comments" == "offers to help" == "attaboys" != "good idea for FDP."
There's no reason he can't look for help here as well as TLDP. 

Let's also remember the two groups are complementary, not exclusive of
each other. Using the FDP's methods or toolset is neither here nor
there. Moreover, one can write docs based on FC, and those can still be
largely useful for any Linux distribution. The FDP and TLDP should
*never* be in competition with each other, except insofar as it might
spur someone to get good docs out more quickly. ;-)

Rahul is right in that this should not be part of FDP work at this time,
though. The stated goal of the FDP (from the Web site), reads: "The goal
of the Docs Project is to create easy-to-follow, task-based
documentation for Fedora Core users and developers." If the product
doesn't ship with the distro, given the current paucity of official
documentation, we should be spending time on other subjects instead.

I'll start another thread about a priority list and/or schedule for the
docs we should be working on currently, in the hopes that Karsten can
give us some ideas, since Tammy's out. Perhaps that will give all the
eager beavers around here some *work* to chew on! ;-)

Paul W. Frields, RHCE

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