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Tue Jul 13 22:18:50 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-07-03 at 10:13, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Karsten,
> Since Tammy is currently out, would you like to step in and talk about
> projects that are either partly completed or need to be started, and in
> what order we might want to tackle them? We have a solid albeit small
> crew who, it seems, would probably like to start on some "real" FC
> documentation. (At least I hope so... the list has been rather quiet of
> late.) I would guess that a big part of that would be making some
> decisions on tutorials that are badly needed, rather than waiting for
> someone to walk in and suggest them.

Ha!  You called out to me when _I_ was out of touch.  I'm just back from
a couple of unexpected weeks out.  I'm catching up on the list, and will
get back here soon.

- Karsten

> Some of my suggestions:
> - Installation guide? What's the status currently? Need help?
> - Setting up a local mirror for FTP/HTTP/NFS installation and
> system-intall-packages (yes, much of the former is in the anaconda docs,
> but it needs a more newbie-friendly home)
> - Setting up said mirror for provision of updates through up2date (as
> opposed to the manual yum/apt stuff)
> - General documentation of binutils and other command-line stuff for the
> masses (Done already in official RH docs, but we need new, clean-room
> versions for GFDL)
> Maybe my "targeting system" is a little off here. My interest lies in
> making Fedora Core accessible to Joe Newbie, while other people here
> might be particularly averse to that line of thinking. Back when I used
> Red Hat Linux, I always pointed people to the official Red Hat guides,
> because they were darn good, solid docs. They taught one to take
> advantage of the many nice ease-of-use facilities available in the
> distro, while still encouraging digging underneath if one were so
> inclined.
> I want people starting to use Fedora Core to have some of the same
> advantages I feel I had using Red Hat Linux, without having to resort to
> forking out a lot of cash to get a book that in large part goes over the
> same type of material.
> If anyone thinks I am way off base, say so. (You can't scare me, I'm a
> parent!) :-D
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