Problems using a wireless mouse unfer FC2

pablo at pablo at
Sun Jul 25 05:10:56 UTC 2004

I´ve got a wireless USB keyboard + optical mouse in a machine running Fedora
Core 2. Both devices are working perfectly. I can use the keyboard without
any problem but I´m having a little trouble with the mouse. The pointer
(cursor) moves perfectly -so the mouse is working- but I can´t click or use
the wheel. I don´t really care about the wheel too much but no button is
working. This doesn´t happen when I use a PS/2 optical mouse. And, finally,
under Windowshit XP (in the same machine) it works perfectly... so, is nos
the BIOS setting.
And of course I played for a while with kudzu and system-config-mouse.
What can I do? Is there a driver for that?

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