People posting here by mistake (was:Re: Problems using a wireless mouse unfer FC2)

Paul W. Frields paul at
Thu Jul 29 19:46:55 UTC 2004

> Following up on this theory, I looked around for an obvious
> configuration or information bug at and
>, and nothing jumps out
> as a reason people would be lead to this list for generic questions. 
> For example, I looked to see if there was anywhere that fedora-docs-list
> was described other than "participants of the Docs Project", and I
> didn't find anything.
> Next time we get such a question we'll have to ask how they found this
> list for their answer.

I would think we could take a couple proactive steps without adversely
affecting anyone:

1. In Elliot Lee's monthly (or however regular) list of Red Hat/Fedora
lists, the first listing appearing at the top, set off in some manner of
highlight, should be fedora-list. That would emphasize the importance of
that list for users, I think without disparaging any of the other lists.
(I could also see including fedora-devel-list with fedora-list; that
would probably be a judgment call for the Fedora leadership. I suspect
fedora-list sees more traffic, and undoubtedly is where we are
continually redirecting folks.)

2. The archive/info page for fedora-docs-list should include a
highlighted area that lets people know how fedora-docs-list differs from
fedora-list, and helpfully provides a link to fedora-list.

I'm copying Elliot on this message in case he's interested in at least
suggestion #1. 

Paul W. Frields, RHCE

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