People posting here by mistake (was:Re: Problems using a wireless mouse unfer FC2)

Tommy Reynolds Tommy.Reynolds at
Fri Jul 30 00:18:34 UTC 2004

Uttered Karsten Wade <kwade at>, spake thus:

> Following up on this theory, I looked around for an obvious
> configuration or information bug at and
>, and nothing jumps out
> as a reason people would be lead to this list for generic questions. 

I started with the link and made my way to

by clicking on the "Docs" button on the introductory page.  Here the
Documentation Project is mentioned twice, with two links.
Unfortunately, there really no documentation available on this path,
but following the link gets me to the "Docs Project" page.  Still no
user documentation, but nothing to indicate that real user-level
documentation isn't just another click or two away.  

I suggest putting a notice on the "User Documentation" page there at

these are now the pages to _obtain_ on-line documentation but the
place to _create_ it.  Something along the lines of "no user
serviceable parts inside" message.  Maybe "Do you want to be an
author? Join our mailing list!" would be sufficient.


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