People posting here by mistake (was:Re: Problems using a wireless mouse unfer FC2)

Paul W. Frields paul at
Fri Jul 30 11:53:40 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 20:55, Karsten Wade wrote:
> This is cc:'d the list owner.  Warren, can we make changes to the
> mailing list pages along these lines?  Everyone, speak up to fix the
> language here, or don't and let Warren make the changes verbatim:
> Under "About fedora-docs-list":
> "The Fedora Docs Project is for writers and testers of documentation for
> Fedora Core.  The fedora-docs-list is for writers to discuss
> documentation.  For technical answers information, use <a
                                      ^^^^ and/or?
> href="">fedora-list at</a>."
> I think the blurb on, "For
> participants of the docs project," is probably good enough.

I can live with that; this is kind of an incremental process in any
case, so there's no reason to go overboard on changing every reference
to fedora-docs-list at once. If we're still getting a third of our
threads devoted to out-of-band issues three or six months down the road
we could make additional changes.

> If we really want to drive the point home, we can put this blurb in the
> "welcome to the mailing list" message emailed to new subscribers.  This
> is a nice thing to do for people, letting them know right away what is
> on-topic:
> "Fedora-docs-list is for writers interested in creating and editing
> documentation for Fedora Core.  This is not the place to obtain
> documentation or technical help, other than help using the Fedora Docs
> Project toolchain.  If you need help using Fedora Core, use fedora-list;
> subscribe at"

I would surround "This is not the place..." with <em> or <i> just to
make sure it's read. Looks good!

Paul W. Frields, RHCE

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