Fedora Doc List used as Help Desk

redwire at therockmere.com redwire at therockmere.com
Fri Jul 30 21:47:35 UTC 2004

I agree that we need to clarify the actual usage of this mailing list.
But, as was mentioned in one of the preceding posts: there aren't any
Published DOCS for Fedora. And, we are the DOCS link mentioned on the
Fedora Main Page.

Maybe if we released some documentation for posting to the Fedora Website
we could negate a number of these 'request for help' type postings.

Just my opinion.


p.s. I've been locked out of the CVS to retreive the examples. Can someone
repost the synatax for getting the docs from CVS. Also, if I wasn't just
imagining that I could D'L from the CVS if you could confirm that I'd
sleep better at night.
I have a doc on YUM conversion from RH9 to FC 1 or 2, but I can't finish
cleaning it up until I can check the examples.


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