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Dave Pawson davep at
Sat Jul 31 07:18:50 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 22:43, Karsten Wade wrote:

> You are, how do you say?, "spot on."  Can't argue with the facts,
> although I'm trying to figure out how I, at least, can be a conduit to
> get documentation into Fedora.  Still, that's not a scalable model, eh?
> ;-)
> My concern right now, though, is this: what if open CVS access were done
> tomorrow?  How ready are we for it?
It would be one less hurdle.
(And I agree that docbook processing is another one)

> 1. What is our process to decide who gets write access to fedora-docs?
Whoever is in charge of this project. Simple decision by them.
*but* we need a 'holding area', i.e. somewhere unauthorised writers
can drop material off, in the hope that its not porn and will be
accepted. The barrier needs to be there for quality, not for content.

> 2. What should be in there _right_now_ that is not?
I must agree on the thread comments about the fedora-docs home page.
E.g. Google has a hard time finding it.
There is no link to actual 'this is what's been done so far'

> 3. What bugs are there to fix in the existing documentation, so
> contributors can start working on them? 
Not even linked from this page?
  Are there any requests out for document review? I can't recall any.
Suggest add the project home page link as a footer to all these emails.
(Helps with googling)

> 4. What should be on the pages _right_now_?  
Is that a documentation page for fedora?
There's a link to rh9 doco.
No document list... 
  What is that page for please?

> 4.1 How are we going to manage multiple documents across multiple
> versions?  The left hand navigation bar is going to fill up pretty
> quickly at this rate.
Which nav bar?
I'd not thought of xversion issues. How is it managed in 7,8 9 rh?
Separate suites? Review then copy/amend over to the next rev?
Makes the entity set quite important? 

regards DaveP
Regards DaveP.
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