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Dave Pawson davep at
Sat Jul 31 16:18:10 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 15:01, Paul W. Frields wrote:

> > I found them quite daunting to get installed and set up. 

> > I agree with the rationale for using it though.
> Dave, you've just hit on something important. If getting the toolset
> installed or configured is a barrier, that means our "Documentation
> Guide" isn't doing its job, and should have some parts rewritten to make
> it easier to get your tools set up. Which part exactly gave you trouble?
<facts, era='historical'>
My goal was dsssl for sgml to print (.doc rtf).
1. Learn Scheme
2. Learn SGML
3. Learn emacs (only free editor)
Then I started to make progress... 
4. Learn about catalogs.
etc etc.
Now I rarely switch a computer on without having emacs open!

I'll find some more docbook setup docs. Trouble is, they teach you how
to use docbook, not necessarily the setup on Fedora.

> Any time someone gets "stopped at the gate," so to speak, that's a
> warning sign that we're suffering from an unnecessary barrier to entry.
> Here's an example, not necessarily relevant to your particular
> problem(s): Suppose a would-be author didn't know, and couldn't figure
> out, that the "Authoring and Publishing" package group must be
> installed

Any reason they should?
Its only when yum updates something called foobar that I get any
inclination that I have an app called foobar on my machine.
  Where am I supposed to pluck 'authoring and publishing' from?
Thin air?
  Its a bit catch 22. If you know what you want, its easy enough
to find.
  No idea just how to start with such a solution.

Regards DaveP.
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