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Sat Jul 31 18:26:59 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 00:18, Dave Pawson wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 22:43, Karsten Wade wrote:

> > My concern right now, though, is this: what if open CVS access were
> > tomorrow?  How ready are we for it?
> It would be one less hurdle.
> (And I agree that docbook processing is another one)

I mean something a little more than that.  If we had CVS access
immediately, we would have one new document to post and zero changes to
make to the website.  We have a very few bugs files against just the
Documentation Guide.

We, meaning all of us contributing to the docs project, are not in
control of CVS access.  We are in control of the rest of this.  We can
write patches to the Doc Guide and pass them around the (archived)
mailing list.  We can file bugs with the patches attached, file bugs
against the website with specific changes as suggested on all these
threads, and file bugs/requests for enhancement reports with tarballs of
documents ready for initial CVS.

These are actions we can take while we wait:

* If you have a suggestion for something to fix on any of the or /projects/docs pages, file a bug, and please
reply back to us here with the details and the bugzilla number.

* If you have a fix, change, or even a patch to one of the existing
documents, file a bug, and please report back here with details and bz

* If you have a completed or mostly completed guide that should be in
CVS and part of the docs offering for Fedora, file a bug, and report the
details back here.

When CVS opens for us, we will have a lot of work to do, but it will be
good work, instead of starting from scratch.

> > 4. What should be on the pages _right_now_?
> Is that a documentation page for fedora?
> There's a link to rh9 doco.
> No document list... 
>   What is that page for please?

As I understand it, this should be a list all of the documentation that
this project produces.  It is up to this project and to decide what
should be on that page, which is directly related to all these questions
I'm asking. ;-P

> > 4.1 How are we going to manage multiple documents across multiple
> > versions?  The left hand navigation bar is going to fill up pretty
> > quickly at this rate.
> Which nav bar?

Nav bar = anywhere on, the left side of the window has
a blue stack of links to pages, that open up to reveal somewhat of a

If you click on Docs (as I think many visitors might do), it expands to
show two documents, the Release Notes and the Jargon Buster,
the only successful scratch-to-webpage document from the Fedora docs

That nav bar needs to have more documents, or feeds into versions or
areas of documents.  We should recommend how that information flows, and
of course we need to be filling in the blanks with content. :)

> I'd not thought of xversion issues. How is it managed in 7,8 9 rh?
> Separate suites? Review then copy/amend over to the next rev?
> Makes the entity set quite important? 

Yeah, this is a whole discussion of it's own we need to have.  

On, you first pick a product category, e.g. Red Hat Linux,
then you get a long page with all of the guides by version.

That page goes to 7.1, then has a link at the bottom for archived
manuals that go all the way back to the start of time as we know it.

- Karsten

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