New volunteer

Laurel laurels at
Sat Jun 12 01:16:25 UTC 2004


My name is Laurel Kline and I'm a technical writer, a markup language
and production pro, and a Linux admin newbie.

I've got my own set of Fedora Core 2 custimization goals I'm working
on, and it's just as easy to doc it and screenshot it as I'm doing it.
So are these topics of interest to users?

Things I've figured out and done:
- installing and setting up a firewall
- installing and setting up Apache
- serving multiple domains and aliases

Things that are on my to-do list:
- serving pages from my XP box via symlinks and a samba share
- getting sendmail set up the way I want it
- getting a cgi-bin set up and configured safely
- getting SSL set up
- getting PHP configured and set up with some of the cool PHP toys
that are out there

Since I'm coming from the newbie admin perspective, my stuff is likely
to be more GUI-oriented with careful leading users in and out of the
command line.

Does any of this suit your needs?


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