New Volunteer

redwire at redwire at
Wed Jun 16 14:52:58 UTC 2004

Hello All !
My name is Brad Smith. I am a DBA, Trainer and Linux Nut. I have been
working on Linux for 3+ years and wandered into this thread because I've
found the documentation for Fedora spotty.

I started by looking for Fedora tutorials and HOWTO's, but am joining to
learn DocBook skills and help write some tutorials I wish I'd found

I have set Cygwin up on the WinBox at work and am finishing install of
OpenJade on my own Server. Are there templates that I can grab from
outside the CVS for the DTD and DocBook for the WinBox? I have
DocBook-xsl-1.60.1 on it now.

I am a newbie at CVS and DocBook creation so please bear with me if some
of my question seem simplistic.



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