Self-Introduction: Karsten Wade

Karsten Wade kwade at
Wed Mar 3 20:27:25 UTC 2004

Following the format of the Fedora Project self-intro
( and the example of Mike
MacCana.  The wordiness is all my fault:

1. Full legal name - Karsten Wade
2. Country, City - USA, Santa Cruz (
3. Profession - Technical Writer
4. Company - Red Hat, Inc.

5. My goals in the Fedora docs project are:

* Support the team in whatever way I can, including technical, QA,
  editorial, wordsmithee, professional, community, etc.

* Provide useful documentation for Fedora Core users,
  administrators, and developers, starting with the form of tutorials
  and HOWTOs.

* Personally author and maintain one to several tutorials or HOWTOs
  (no big ideas yet, although I am about to do an x2x implementation,
  so will likely start with that).

* Assist with the dox toolchain, build environment, and contributor

6. My historical qualifications:

   Work at Red Hat:

   * Author, edit, and/or maintain guides for developers (Java API),
     system administrators, application admins, and end-users for Red
     Hat Applications WAF and CMS (née ArsDigita Community System aka
     ACS). and
     These guides are a collaborative effort with the
     developers. Because I am not a programmer, the developer guide
     required a close relationship with the programmers, who assist by
     authoring some content directly into the DocBook SGML.  My tasks
     have included massive editing of others' work, reworking of old
     materials, technical QA, testing, generation of new content,
     modernization and standardization of SGML, and extensive usage of
     the many OO tags in DocBook.

   * Focusing on SELinux implementation and documentation; nothing
     produced yet.

   * Professional services (PS) team as a systems consultant and project
     writer, doing assessments, implementations, the bulk of the major
     project writing tasks for 50+ PS consultants, setting standards,
     and working with lots of customers.

   Work at VA Linux Systems:

   * Same as PS work at Red Hat.  Also worked on community oriented
     projects such as a presentation explaining the benefits of the
     open source development methodology.

   Other qualifications/skills:

   * As a lifelong writer, I've studied journalism, creative writing,
     and literature.

   * Experienced in many aspects of IT, from end-user through to
     business decision makers. RHCE (RHL 8.0), system administration
     generalist, and former Windows sysadmin.  No computer languages
     known.  Lots of work with DocBook SGML, some with XML, DSSSL,
     XSL, and CSS.

7. GPG KEYID and fingerprint

   This is my personal gpg key:

pub  1024D/AD0E0C41 2003-11-26 Karsten G. Wade (quaid|phig)
<karsten at>
Key fingerprint = 2680 DBFD D968 3141 0115  5F1B D992 0E06 AD0E 0C41
sub  1024g/C07806E8 2003-11-26

Karsten Wade .:. RHCE .:. Sr. Technical Writer      .:.    <name_title />
kwade at               <email_URL />                                  <product id="WAF_CMS" />   <product id="SELinux" />
2680 DBFD D968 3141 0115  5F1B D992 0E06 AD0E 0C41    <gpg_fingerprint />

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