Self-Introduction: Ronny Buchmann

Ronny Buchmann ronny-vlug at
Sun Apr 3 08:58:49 UTC 2005

Full legal name:
	Ronny Buchmann

City, Country:
	near Stuttgart, Germany

Profession or Student status:
	I've studied mechanical engineering, but now do system administration and 
support in CAE, PLM and Linux.

Company or School
	this is my spare time, so it doesn't matter

Your goals in the Fedora Project:
	(in order of priority)
		* translations (fedora packages and docs)
		* QA (mostly rawhide) and bugfixes
		* getting HBCI and DVB related stuff into FE (if I find the time)

Historical qualifications:
	What other projects have you worked on in the past?
		* (german wiki about Linux and Free Software)
		* fedora translations (German)
		* fedora bug hunting
		* helping in openhbci2/aqmoney2 (rpmbuilding, man pages)
		* local LUG work (
       * some bug fixing in various projects

	What computer languages and other skills do you know?
		* a bit of python (getting better)
		* a bit of docbook, rpm building (mostly local), bash, C, perl
		* not relevant to Fedora I think: SAP, CATIA

	Why should we trust you?
		* search the web (, it's 99% me)
		  and decide yourself

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

pub  1024D/10373979 2003-07-11 Ronny Buchmann <ronny-buchmann at>
     Key fingerprint = ED9D A9B8 8A38 52E9 2A1E  143D 47E4 DBC5 1037 3979
uid                            Ronny Buchmann <ronny-wiki at>
uid                            Ronny Buchmann (VLUG) <ronny-vlug at>
sub  1024g/94239780 2003-07-11


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