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Mon Apr 11 06:40:07 UTC 2005

Full legal name:  Michael Thomas Kearey 

City, Country: Brisbane Australia

Profession or Student status: Employed by Red Hat Global Support

Company or School:  Red Hat  

Your goals in the Fedora Project 

	* What do you want to write about?: I want to write about anything and
everything involved with Fedora Core. 

	* What other documentation do you want to see published?: Details of
how HAL works, improved and definitive initscripts/fedora scripts

	* Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy?: I
do want to edit for grammar/writing and technical accuracy.

	* Anything else special?: Am greatly interested in how to make a new
user's experience less challenging through the use of good

Historical qualifications 
	* What other projects or writing have you worked on in the past?: Have
been writing Knowledge Base articles in my roll with Red Hat GSS, and
have written howto's and guides in my previous employment.

	* What level and type of computer skills do you have?: I have
experience in the Telecommunications industry ( 14 years :0 ). Have also
completed a degree in Information Technology majoring in combined Data
Communications/Software Engineering. Have done my own project work in C,
C++, PHP, Perl, Java. Worked on iptables/firewall design, scripting,
some feeble RPM packaging, PAM custom modules, QoS configuration, and a
lot of System Administration. Am also playing with a home lighting
automation system, writing a little code to control the system from a
Linux machine but that is in early development. 

	* What other skills do you have that might be applicable?: I have
skills in sharing knowledge, am able to simplify and clarify complicated
technical issues. Being with Red Hat GSS I get to see first hand what
people really need to know. Out side of computing, I am currently
building a house, so have some skills in managing widely varying

Why should we trust you? <--- too blunt?: 

I have do have a Red Fedora :). I am also all grown up and responsible. 

GPG KEYID and fingerprint 


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pub  1024D/69052F83 2005-04-11 Michael T Kearey (Fedora Docs)
<mkearey at>
     Key fingerprint = FB5D 45FF C9FB 7950 6741  FE8D 30DD 6DD6 6905
sub  1024g/15865663 2005-04-11

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