Self-Introduction: Eric Jon Rostetter

Eric Rostetter rostetter at
Tue Apr 26 20:38:14 UTC 2005

1. Full legal name

Eric Jon Rostetter

2. City, Country

Austin, Texas, USA

3. Profession or Student status

Computer Programmer, Full Time

4. Company or School

Department of Physics, The University of Texas at Austin

5. Your goals in the Fedora Project

    * What do you want to write about?

      What ever strikes my fancy, if anything.

    * What other documentation do you want to see published?

      As much as possible.

    * Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy?

      Sure, why not.  I'm great at picking nits.

    * Anything else special?

      I really want to help co-ordinate Fedora Docs Project with the
      Fedora Legacy Project.  I'm manage the web site and docs for the
      Fedora Legacy Project.  I'd like to make the two groups work together
      to the benefit of both.

6. Historical qualifications

    * What other projects or writing have you worked on in the past?

    I work with the Horde Project (
      (docs, faq, programming, etc)
    I work with the Fedora Legacy Project (
       (web, docs, QA, etc)
    We run a "Homework Service" here at UT Austin.
    I help maintain the departmental web server and my groups web pages
    here in the Physics Department (
    Used to work on many other projects in a previous life many moons ago
       (Minitab, NBS Pascal Compiler, VMS Ted/Sed editor, etc).

    * What level and type of computer skills do you have?

    Can write decent docs.  Can do web pages, including html, php, xml/xslt,
    javascript.  Do the usual programming and system admin stuff.

    * What other skills do you have that might be applicable? User interface
design, other so-called soft skills (people skills), programming, etc.

    See above.

    * What makes you an excellent match for the project?

    My participation in the Fedora Legacy Project, and my desire to help
    the two projects co-ordinate docs between them, transition docs from
    one to another, etc.

7. GPG KEYID and fingerprint

pub  1024D/49C7A0F2 2004-02-06 Eric Jon Rostetter <rostetter at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     Key fingerprint = E4E7 E674 2BCA 14CC 54CF  13C9 E236 516E 49C7 A0F2
sub  1024g/BBFD8C0C 2004-02-06

Eric Rostetter

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