Self-Introduction: Thomas R. Jones

Thomas Jones admin at
Wed Apr 27 01:07:30 UTC 2005

Full Legal Name::
Thomas Riley Jones Jr.

City, State:: 
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Security Analyst


What do I want to write about?: 
Information security, kernel, and/or networking related topics.

What other documentation do I want to see published?:
I am not very particular as long as it is contains correct content and meets 
the needs of end-users.

Do I want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical accuracy?:
I have edited and reviewed various Linux documentation. Currently, I am a  
technical reviewer for a new book  entitled "GnuPG for the desperate" due 
from the No Starch Press publishing entity. I am open to editing and/or 
technical editor of topics within my skillset.

Anything else special?:
Member of the IEEE Information Assurance Task Force
Member of the IEEE Security and Privacy Technical Committee
I formerly was the administrator of the domain.

Historical qualifications::
What other projects or writing have I worked on in the past?:
Security Document Initiative - (extracted from my website
"The Security Document Initiative is an implementation of the domain of 
applied cryptography as it relates to an XML defined and regulated security 
mechanism and the creation of a security infrastructure to protect
information systems and resources."
Osiris Host Integrity System.
Numerous Linux Howtos now maintained by the LDP.

What level and type of computer skills do I have?:
Experienced Administrator. Career direction into a variety of XML applications 
and their use in a security application.

What other skills do I have that might be applicable?:
5 years experience in bash programming.
Developed numerous init scripts for the SuSE Linux distribution.
C++ development experience.

What makes me an excellent match for the project?:
I have almost 3 years XML/Docbook experience; and have a great desire to help 
the Linux, Fedora, and Open Source community. I believe whole-heartedly in 
the Open Source Initiative and advocate its utilization in all aspects of 

GPG KEYID and fingerprint::
pub  1024D/57BF9042 2004-12-26 Thomas Jones (The Buddha Linux Group) 
     Key fingerprint = 5264 BCA1 6059 57A8 58E5  7F04 A11E 5C13 57BF 9042
uid                            Thomas R. Jones (IEEE Computer Society Account) 
uid                            Thomas Jones (The Buddha Linux Group) 
sub  1024g/5EDEFE5D 2004-12-26

As you can see I am heavily oriented towards the security aspect of Fedora. 
But, I would be more than happy to author and/or review any topic if 

Thank for your time and look forward working with all of you.
Thomas Jones

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