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RFC - Moving to Fedora from Windows

Hi everyone,

Having read with a heavy heart the post from Greg concerning a newbie experience with Fedora, I kinda figured that what we need is an orientation document for new users (ie new to Linux) to pick up when they come to Fedora.

Brief outline below:

Welcome to Fedora Core Linux
Linux concepts (ie root etc)
First impressions
Gnome - where do I find? Screensaver, desktop background etc
Email - What's this Evolution thing? (potential to include Thunderbird here because of availabilty on Windows)
Internet - Finding the web
Productivity - Finding OpenOffice.org, brief intro to each component
IM - Where's AIM or Windows Messenger?
Moving Further
Games - getting your Windows games working under Fedora
Getting support for your graphics card/Installing appropriate drivers

This is just a starting point - feel free to shout down or include any other areas that you feel would be genuinely advantageous for a newbie to read about when they first boot into Fedora.



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