Self Introduction: Martin Joseph Brej

Martin Joseph Brej mjbrej at
Sat Dec 17 22:10:20 UTC 2005

     1. Full legal name:  Martin Joseph Brej 
      * City, Country, Timezone:  Monterey, California, USA (Pacific
      * Profession:  Software Consulting Manager 
      * Company:  International Business Machines Corporation 
      * My goals in the Fedora Project:  I enjoy using Fedora as a
        platform for my home personal computing needs and would very
        much like to help others become open source users as well--to
        help take the technology mainstream.  I am not a coder, but do
        consider myself to be a power-user with strong familiarity with
        software development processes.  I am a liberal arts major with
        a passion for explaining technology to others.
              * What do you want to write about?  I am open to writing
                for any area within Fedora that most needs the help.  My
                personal experience is that many programs are not
                documented or have documentation that is "rough and
                ready".  I could help cover areas no one else currently
                is or supplement areas which are currently documented
                but in need of some polishing.
              * What other documentation do you want to see published?
                I have often looked at the documentation to get the
                answer to a configuration setting or to solve a problem
                on my own and found that it did not answer my question.
              * Do you want to edit for grammar/writing and/or technical
                accuracy?  I am happy to edit for grammar/"read-ability"
                and technical accuracy if that is where I can best
                contribute immediately.  I am not a professional writer,
                so that may be a good way for me to break in as a
                documentation contributor for Fedora.
              * Anything else special?  I am an enthusiastic guy--what I
                may lack in experience, I know I will make up for in
                dedication and enthusiasm.  Between work and family
                life, I do not have a ton of free time, but will commit
                realistically to deliverables and deadlines and deliver
                high quality work.  My goal will be to write the doc
                that I wish were there when I needed to use it.
      * Historical qualifications 
              * What other projects or writing have you worked on in the
                past?  I have been on numerous software implementation
                projects as a programmer, designer, architect and
                project manager over my 17 years in the industry.  I
                have written many presentations for customers and some
                training materials and documentation for the systems
                delivered.  I have never been a documentation
                professional, however.
              * What level and type of computer skills do you have?  I
                would label myself a "power-user".  I like to diddle
                around and see how things work and learn the advanced
                configuration options, etc.  It have been many years
                since I have been at the code level.  I have played
                around recently with learning Java and scripting on the
                side, but have no serious programming skills to speak of
              * What other skills do you have that might be applicable?
                User interface design, other so-called soft skills
                (people skills), programming, etc.  I am a very
                organized worker--part of my project management
                background, so over time, that may be an area that I can
                contribute as well.
              * What makes you an excellent match for the project?  I
                spend most of my free time using Fedora and am
                passionate about building great software that is useful
                to others (and ideally, easy to use!)  I think I express
                myself clearly and would like to contribute to Fedora
                instead of just consuming other people's excellent work
                without giving anything back.
      * GPG KEYID and fingerprint 
              * pub   1024D/14A0CF3B 2005-12-02 [expires: 2006-12-02] 
              *       Key fingerprint = 202E 9B0A 2D20 C9B6 D703  1504
                51D1 E1E8 14A0 CF3B 
              * uid                  Martin Joseph Brej (Marty)
                <mjbrej at>
              * sub   1024g/273B7E4A 2005-12-02 [expires: 2006-12-02] 

Martin  Joseph   Brej
326 Monroe Street
Monterey, CA  93940-2218

831-375-2735                 h
831-521-3925                 m
mjbrej at     e
martinbrej (Yahoo!)         im

  Ask me about getting a personal digital certificate.
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