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Self-Introduction: Patrick W. Barnes

About Me:

My name is Patrick W. Barnes
My Internet nickname is "The N-Man", and thus my name will usually
appear as 'Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes'

I live in Amarillo, Texas (USA)

I am a Systems Administrator for CTL Technologies

My Goals and Qualifications:

I have been using, testing, monitoring, and assisting other users and
developers with the Fedora Project for some time now, and I would like
to start making more active contributions.

I would like to help with the Fedora Project in as many ways as
possible.  I have a variety of useful skills.  I currently distribute
the Fedora Core releases on systems my company sells, and have a great
deal of exposure to end-user feedback.  We also use Fedora Core releases
and the Rawhide branch internally.  I am a programmer and a web
designer, as well as a system and network administrator.  I am also an
excellent writer, and that is the skill that I would like to contribute
with first.

I hope to improve documentation and tutorial options for users who are
new to Linux and Fedora.  I would also like to contribute to the
user-friendly qualities of Fedora Core.  My wide variety of skills and
experience will allow me to write on a large variety of topics.  I do an
excellent job of staying on top of emerging technologies and changes
occuring within the project.

To start things off, I'd like to help in organizing the existing
information in the Extras wiki and making the wiki more concise to
reduce errors and questions and improve productivity.  First, I would
like to write a quick page to field some of the questions regarding
Google's Summer of Code and provide information about high-interest,
unmaintained (or missing) projects.  Please let me know if there are any
questions.  I look forward to contributing.

GPG data:

pub   1024D/299407D8 2004-11-04 [expires: 2009-11-03]
     Key fingerprint = 5379 7B24 8A9D 2105 450F  6D20 741A 01EC 2994 07D8
uid                  Patrick W. Barnes <n-man n-man com>
uid                  Patrick W. Barnes <nman64 n-man com>
uid                  Patrick W. Barnes <n-man ctltechnologies net>
sub   2048g/9BDA9ED4 2004-11-04 [expires: 2009-11-03]

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Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com


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