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Re: Self-Introduction: Patrick W. Barnes



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<quote who="Patrick Barnes">
> About Me:
> My name is Patrick W. Barnes
> My Internet nickname is "The N-Man", and thus my name will usually
> appear as 'Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes'
> I live in Amarillo, Texas (USA)
> I am a Systems Administrator for CTL Technologies
> My Goals and Qualifications:
> I have been using, testing, monitoring, and assisting other users and
> developers with the Fedora Project for some time now, and I would like
> to start making more active contributions.
> I would like to help with the Fedora Project in as many ways as
> possible.  I have a variety of useful skills.  I currently distribute
> the Fedora Core releases on systems my company sells, and have a great
> deal of exposure to end-user feedback.  We also use Fedora Core releases
> and the Rawhide branch internally.  I am a programmer and a web
> designer, as well as a system and network administrator.  I am also an
> excellent writer, and that is the skill that I would like to contribute
> with first.
> I hope to improve documentation and tutorial options for users who are
> new to Linux and Fedora.  I would also like to contribute to the
> user-friendly qualities of Fedora Core.  My wide variety of skills and
> experience will allow me to write on a large variety of topics.  I do an
> excellent job of staying on top of emerging technologies and changes
> occuring within the project.
> To start things off, I'd like to help in organizing the existing
> information in the Extras wiki and making the wiki more concise to
> reduce errors and questions and improve productivity.  First, I would
> like to write a quick page to field some of the questions regarding
> Google's Summer of Code and provide information about high-interest,
> unmaintained (or missing) projects.  Please let me know if there are any
> questions.  I look forward to contributing.
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