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Re: changes in legalnotice entity (was Re: common legalnotice-content-en.xml, NONE, 1.1 legalnotice-relnotes-en.xml, NONE, 1.1 fedora-entities-en.ent, 1.2, 1.3 legalnotice-en.xml, 1.8, 1.9)

On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 17:33 +0400, Andrew Martynov wrote:
> Hello, Karsten!
> I hope you know an answer on question: Is Release Notes for FC4 ready?

As ready as it is going to be.

The content has been unchanged for a day or two, although some of the
XML structure has been changing.  We won't be changing the content any
more before release.

> As I see, FC4 will be released for mirroring soon (tomorrow?) and 
> translators will not have a chance to translate Release Notes.

I'm sorry that we couldn't get translation included earlier.  Our
process for producing the release notes is brand new and still being
tested, although we did get a complete and useful relnotes completed.

> Is translation of RelNotes planned? If so, please announce the deadline 
> to fedora-trans-list redhat com

Not having done this before, I don't want to announce it ready for
translation too soon.

Translations won't make it into the release itself, at this point.  We
can host them at fedora.redhat.com/docs.

How long is a good length of time to allow for translation?

We need to know this for the future, as well as right now.

Is there someone who is leading the effort to translate release notes?
Someone to coordinate with now and in the future?

Does the translation project understand how the release notes are being
produced now?  This new process may make it easier to translate them.

thanks - Karsten
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