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Re: HCL Considered Harmfull [Re: Fedora HCL guide writers?]

Uttered Patrick Barnes <nman64 n-man com>, spake thus:

> Chidananda Jayakeerti wrote:
> >Is it possible to achieve an HCL for limited set of hardware, to begin
> >with. Servers and workstations can be a good start.  We do not have to
> >maintain an exhaustive list of webcams' keyboards, printers
> >(linuxprinting does a good job)  and mice etc.
> >We could also have several maintainers for the HCL based on categories.
> Trying, especially with a non-commercial project, to maintain any sort
> of HCL is a dangerous effort.  Those writing the HCL will always be
> chasing the facts.  Things simply change too rapidly.  

Well, that may be overstating things a bit.

Consider: every X months (X=3 or so), a new FCn release is made with
a FINITE number of included device drivers.  Currently we are in the
semi-ridiculous position of attempting to offer an operating system
without even an un-clear statement of what hardware that release 

Now, there are actually only a handful or so of new devices added
between FC(n) and FC(n+1).  After the initial effort of producing the

	Manufacturer,Device,(FCn version, tested date)*

list tracking the Fedora Core (only) shouldn't be that onerous a
maintanance task.  The "Supported Devices" list should earn a place on
the distro CD, just as the Release Notes have done.  And be just as 

I dislike the HCL idea, and the HIL, because they are unbounded
activities more suitable to a personal web site than part of the FDP
which is about the differentiation of the Fedora Core releases from
other Linux projects.  Thus, I think the "Got Drivers?" doc entirely
appropriate as a FDP project and the HCL/HIL more of a personal
Wiki-type effort.

In summary: HCL/HIL good project, just not authoritative to be an
FDP.  Contriwise, the "Got Drivers?" listing should be part of the
product definition.

See the difference?


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