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self-introductions (was Re: HCL Considered Harmfull [Re: Fedora HCL guide writers?])

On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 11:55 -0500, Tommy Reynolds wrote:

> > How do I go about starting one? I could do the SelfIntroduction stuff
> > (although i'm not too comfortable reveling my residence address to a
> > mailing list :).
> We would welcome your contribution to the Docs project.  A
> self-introduction is, rather firmly, the most minimal of membership
> requirements.  We won't come to your house to check your address, but
> notice the section that asks "Why should we trust you?".  
> I think an address of at least the city? country? continent? world?
> solar system? galaxy? 'verse? is intended to give folks some idea of
> whom you are.  Wade, is this right?

Anonymity outside of this project can be OK, but we do need to know who
people are.  Where you are at is an important part of this.  It fosters
real-world community that is essential for our success.

That said, a specific hard-address should not be required.  A city,
country, or even timezone would be helpful.  The instructions only call
for city or country currently.

If I see that someone is from the Pacific timezone, I might send a
personal email asking if they are near my town of Santa Cruz,

There are certainly communities on the Internet that are entirely
anonymous and one is known by your work alone.  I don't think that model
will work for Fedora.

I've updated the Wiki to reflect this philosophy.

- Karsten
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